Sponsor Artistic Director Qurrat Ann Kadwani as she runs the NYC Marathon to raise money for Pizza for the Hungry 2009!

In 2007, she completed the Washington D.C. Marine Corps Marathon - 26.2 miles in 4 hours, 36 minutes!

In 2008, she ran 9 races through New York Road Runners: Grand Prix Manhattan Half-Marathon 13.1 miles, Colon Cancer Challenge 9.3 miles, Scotland Run 6.2 miles, Run as One 4 miles, Adidas Run for the Parks 4 miles, Healthy Kidney 6.2 miles, Wall Street Run 3.1 miles, New York Mini 6.2 miles, Fitness Games 4 miles.

In 2009, she is running the prestigious NYC Marathon - 26.2 miles on Sunday, November 1st and is using her efforts to raise funds for Pizza for the Hungry 2009.

Support her efforts by donating at least $1/mile. (Minimum donation $26, but donations of larger quantities gladly accepted. All donations will go towards Pizza for the Hungry.)

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