Pizza For The Hungry 2008: A Smile Brings Hope

Pizza for the Hungry is a charity event created by eyeBLINK. Started in June 2007, Pizza for the Hungry aims to bring happiness to people who depend on homeless shelters for sustenance, while underscoring the need to eradicate hunger in America. The guests at homeless shelters are given a pizza party and eyeBLINK volunteer musicians also provide musical entertainment to create a truly joyful ambience! Pizza for the Hungry is also a celebration of the best in humanity as people from all walks of life, races, religions and economic strata come together to help the less fortunate during this week.

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In 2008, Pizza for the Hungry: A Smile Brings Hope will take place from June 16th to June 20th and expand to at least 8 cities in 4 states! Eventually, with your support, we hope to make Pizza for the Hungry: A Smile Brings Hope a nationwide event.

New York: Pizza Sponsor: Dominos
June 16th: Manhattan: Bowery Mission: lunch 11:30 am. Musician: Ken White (conga drums)
June 17th: Manhattan: Love Kitchen: dinner 4:30 pm. Musician: David Linaburg (guitar and vocals)
June 18th: Brooklyn: St John's Bread and Life: lunch 10:30 am Musician: Muhammad X (African drum)
June 19th: Bronx: Love Gospel Kitchen: lunch 11:30 am. Musician: David Linaburg (guitar and vocals)
June 20th: Manhattan: NYC Rescue: dinner 5 pm

Oklahoma: Pizza Sponsor: Dominos
Project Manager - Sarah Hart Grigsby
June 16th: Oklahoma City: City Rescue Mission: dinner 4 pm. Musician: Christopher McClure (guitar and vocals)
June 18th: Tulsa: John 3:16 Mission: Musician: Jeff Bookout (guitar and vocals)

Massachusetts: Project Managers - Tonika and Gary Bohnert
June 20th: Boston: Boston Rescue Mission aka Kingston House: lunch 11:30 am

New Jersey: Pizza Sponsor: Dominos
Project Managers: Nikhil and Dipti Bhalja
June 16th: Newark: St. James Social Services: lunch 1 pm. Musician: Craig Mitchell (guitar)
June 17th: Jersey City: St. Lucy's Shelter: dinner 5:30 pm.
June 18th: Newark: Goodwill Rescue Mission: lunch 11:30 am. Musician: Anthony Robinson (keyboard)
June 19th: Morristown: Market Street Mission: dinner 4:30 pm
June 20th: Patterson: Evas Village: lunch 12 noon

!!!!!WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!!

1) Donate: Pizza for the Hungry is completely funded by your donations.

*** Even $1 will help us buy at least 3 slices of pizza! ***

Pizza Project Pillar: Donate $100 (we will be honored to list you on our website)
Jen Kramer
Oosman Abdulla
Nooshi, Sara and Omar Ahmed
Hosain Malick
Sara Militello
Howard Kramer
Arya International
William J. Carabano
David Hutto
Razzak Buddha
AA Film Studios - Adnan Khawaja
Albert Velez
Zunis Fashion
Sindy Calay
DFW Motel Supply and Textiles
Sumit and Jyoti Singh
Meena Subramanyam
Gopal Shah
Biru Sharma
Christopher Cococcia
Natural Look Salon in the Queens Center Mall
Uzma Naseem
Jan Battenfield
Julio Robledo
Dinesh Hemnani
Kuldeep Adhlakha

Pizza Project Provider: Donate $500 (we will feed the guests of one entire shelter/kitchen in your name).
Doctor Avraham Henoch Bronx office: Pizzas for the Bronx kitchen
Doctor Avraham Henoch Manhattan office: Pizzas for the upper Manhattan shelter
Abhishek USA: pizzas for St James Social Services (Newark) pizzas for Goodwill Rescue Mission (Newark)
ARY Digital: pizzas for St. Lucy's shelter in Jersey City
Local Muslims of New Jersey: Pizzas for the Morristown shelter
Par Pharmaceutical Companies, Inc: Pizzas for the Patterson shelter
La Lanterna Di Vittorio: Pizzas for Manhattan NYC Rescue

Pizza Project Sustainer: Donate $5000 (we will feed at least 10 shelters/kitchens in your name)
Pizza Project Expander: Donate $10,000 (we will feed all the shelters/kitchens in a small state)

2) Add a shelter/kitchen in your state: Make a difference in your community. Contact us to add a shelter/kitchen in your city to Pizza for the Hungry. We will help you work with your email list and local organization/group to raise the needed funds. You, your friends and neighbors can spread joy, hope and compassion throughout your city.

3) Giving Circle: Your organization/group/circle/company/area businesses/schools can band together, create a giving circle, raise funds and present the check to eyeBLINK for Pizza for the Hungry. We will list your Giving Circle on our website. Show the true spirit of your Giving Circle!

4a) Buy Art for Charity: Our Oklahoma project manager, Sarah Hart Grigsby, is an accomplished artist. She has generously offered to donate 100% of the proceeds of several of her paintings to Pizza for the Hungry 2008: A Smile Brings Hope. Please view and buy the artwork here:

4b)Buy Gift Cards for Charity: La Lanterna di Vittorio, located at 129 MacDougal Street in the West Village, has been called "romantic", "cozy" and "a paradise on rainy nights thanks to it's roaring fireplaces, live jazz and covered garden..." They have 3 levels including a garden with a fountain, a jazz bar next door and a varied menu that includes delectable sandwiches, tasty pizzas, amazing desserts, a wide selection of coffees and more. La Lanterna has generously donated $50 gift cards to help raise funds for Pizza for the Hungry. Please email with your bid for the card(s), with minimum bids being $50 per card. Eat great food and, at the same time, satiate your spirit with your donation!

Please Donate! Or help us raise donations!
Why donate? We all have many luxuries in life. For lots of people who eat at homeless shelters, a pizza party is an extremely special occasion. It brightens up days, brings smiles and tears of happiness. We at eyeBLINK are committed to giving back to our community. Join us today!

For more information or questions, please contact

Donate now!

If you wish to send checks, please make out checks to eyeBLINK. Please write "Pizza for the Homeless" in the memo area. Send check to:

350 west 43rd st., suite #32G
New York, NY 10036