Pizza For The Hungry 2009: Shelters

New York:
June 15th: Bronx: Love Gospel Kitchen: Lunch 11:30am
June 15th: Manhattan: Love Kitchen: Dinner 4:30pm
June 16th: Staten Island: Project Hospitality : Dinner: 5 pm
June 17th: Bronx: Paradise Transtional Housing Program: Lunch 1pm
June 17th: Manhattan: Bowery Mission: Dinner 5pm
June 18th: Brooklyn: St. John's Bread & Life Program, Inc: Lunch 10:30am
June 18th: Manhattan: New York City Rescue Mission: Dinner 5pm
June 19th: Manhattan: Women In Need, Inc.: Dinner 4:30 pm

New Jersey:
June 15th: Jersey City: St. Lucy's Shelter: Dinner 5:30pm
June 16th: Newark: St. James Social Services: Lunch 1pm
June 17th: Newark: Goodwill Rescue Mission: Dinner 5pm
June 18th: Morristown: Market Street Mission: Dinner 4:30pm
June 19th Patterson: Evas Village: Dinner 5pm

Project Manager: Sunita Sukhraj
June 19th: Orlando: Orlando Union Rescue Mission: Dinner 4:45pm & 5:30pm

Project Managers: Jenifer Kramer & Sheryl Sacchitelli
June 20th: Los Angeles:PATH: Lunch 12pm

June 15th: Memphis: Barron Heights Transitional Living Shelter: Dinner 4:30 pm
June 19th: Nashville: Room in the Inn: Lunch 11:30 am

Project Manger: Sarah Grigsby
Jun 16th: Oklahoma City: City Rescue Mission: Dinner 4 pm

Project Manager: Dr. Avraham Henoch
June 18th: New Orleans: New Orleans Mission : Dinner: 6 pm

June 17th: Buford: Interfaith Outreach Home: Dinner 7 pm

June 19th: St. Louis: Haven of Grace: Lunch 12:30 pm

June 18th: Salt Lake City: Salvation Army at St. Vincent Depaul Dining Hall: Dinner: 4:45 pm

June 15th: Denver Rescue Mission: Dinner: 5:30 pm and 8:30 pm

June 15th: Cincinnati: Drop-Inn Center Shelter House: Lunch: 11:30 am

June 17th: Phoenix: UMOM Family Shelter: Dinner: 5:30 pm

June 15th: Norwalk: Malta House: Dinner: 4:30 pm

June 15th: Philadelphia: RDH Ridge Center: Lunch: 11:30 am

June 19th: Highland Park: Oasis: Dinner 5 pm

June 19th: Las Vegas: Las Vegas Rescue Mission: Dinner 3:30 pm

June 19th: Baltimore: Bea Gaddy's Women & Children Shelter : Dinner 5 pm

June 19th: Minneapolis: Mary's Place: Dinner 6 pm

June 15th: Portland: Preble Street Teen Center: Lunch: 12 noon

June 19th: Houston: Star of Hope Women and Family Emergency Shelter: Dinner: 5 pm

Washington, DC:
June 16th: Washington, DC: House of Help City of Hope Inc: Dinner: 6 pm

June 19th: Portland: Portland Rescue Mission: Dinner: 5 pm

June 20th: Chicago: Door of Hope Rescue Mission: Lunch 12 noon

June 18th: Seattle: Seattle Union Gospel Mission: Dinner 5 pm

The Big Boston Blowout Closeout of Pizza for the Hungry 2009:
1 day, 4 Lunch Parties: 1100 people!

Project Managers: Tonika and Gary Bohnert
June 20th: Boston Rescue Mission: Lunch 11:30 am
June 20th: Rosie's Place: Lunch 11:30 am
June 20th: Pine St. Inn: Lunch 11:00 am
June 20th: St. Francis House: Lunch 11:30 am