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A Slice of Hope

Our 5th Year!

Re-branded from "Pizza for the Hungry" thanks to suggestions from our wonderful donors

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June 13th - June 19th, 2011

A Slice of Hope creates moments of joy in homeless shelters/kitchens/missions through pizza parties with live music. For just $1, you can sponsor 2 slices and live music and create gladness for a person in need. Picture the pizza parties with stacks of hot, fresh pizzas rolling in, music playing in the shelters and cheers, laughter and smiles all throughout the shelter! A Slice of Hope throws parties for 1 week every June. But only with your help: Please donate! Even $1 makes a direct difference!

Started in June 2007 as Pizza for the Hungry, A Slice of Hope empowers both the donor and the recepient:
- the donor makes a direct difference for a person in need by feeding the body (pizza) and feeding the soul (music)
- the recipient is empowered by the hope and inspiration that is created by the donors and volunteers

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In 2011, A Slice of Hope will take place from June 13th to June 19th and will once again be throwing/organizing parties in 25 states! With your help, we can do it. Your support last year has allowed us to ramain in 25 states since 2009, even though we are in challenging economic times. Eventually, with your support, we hope to make A Slice of Hope a nationwide event. In this economy, it's really important that everyone give a little bit and volunteer a little bit and come together as a community to help those in need.

See list of homeless shelter parties
See list of this year's generous donors

Add a party to a shelter in your area:
Simply contact us at and we can help you make it possible. Help bring joy and smiles to hundreds of people in your own area.

!!!!!WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!!

1) Donate: Pizza for the Hungry is completely funded by your donations.

***With just $1, you can sponsor 2 slices of pizza!***

Become a Pizza Project Pillar: Donate or raise $100 (we will be honored to list you on our website)

Become a Pizza Project Provider: Donate or raise $500 (we will feed the guests of one entire shelter/kitchen in your name or your organization's name).

Pizza Project Sustainer: Donate $5000 (we will feed at least 10 shelters/kitchens in your name)

2) Add a shelter/kitchen in your state: Make a difference in your community. Contact us to add a shelter/kitchen in your city to Pizza for the Hungry. We will help you work with your email list and local organization/group to raise the needed funds. You, your friends and neighbors can spread joy, hope and compassion throughout your city.

3a) Volunteer to help us find musicians to volunteer to play at the pizza parties

If you're a musician, please volunteer to play at the shelter for one or more pizza parties. If you're not a musician, please help us find musicians by calling/emailing music schools, local schools and more.

3b) Volunteer to take pictures of the pizza parties

If you're a professional photographer or a skilled amateur photographer, please volunteer to take pictures of the pizza parties, so that we can document the parties and show our donors the joy that they helped spread. You can also volunteer to help us find photographers by calling/emailing photography studios or schools.

If you're skilled or would like to become skilled on creating, managing and growing the Pizza for the Hungry Group on these 3 sites, please contact us at

4) Pizza Donations from a local store

If you own a pizza store or know a store that would like to donate pizzas to A Slice of Hope in an existing city or a new city, please email us at We continue to push to lower the cost of pizzas every year so that we can throw more parties and touch more people's lives.

Please Donate! Or help us raise donations!
Why donate? We all have many luxuries in life. For lots of people who eat at homeless shelters, a pizza party is an extremely special occasion. It brightens up days, brings smiles and tears of happiness. We at eyeBLINK are committed to giving back to our community. Join us today!

For more information or questions, please contact

Donate now!

All donations are tax-deductible. eyeBLINK is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization. Our EIN # is 20-5806876. Thank you so much for your support!

If you wish to send checks, please make out checks to eyeBLINK. Please write "Pizza for the Homeless" in the memo area. Send check to:

350 west 43rd st., suite #32G
New York, NY 10036