Special Events

The mission of eyeBLINK Special Events is to create events that combine aspects of theatre, dance, music and fashion. Through various multicultural arts. eyeBLINK Special Events strives to provide a lavish sensory experience for audiences.

2004- 2005 Season: Masti Sunset Cruise
2005 - 2006 Season: Wild Girls
2006 - 2007 Season: Sureeli Shaam

William J. Carabano Scholarship Award

eyeBLINK Special Events also has annual projects that give back to the community in various ways. 2007 - 2008 Season: The eyeBLINK William J. Carabano Scholarship Award: A result of a partnership between eyeBLINK and NYU College of Arts and Sciences in order to grant 2 students scholarships of $1500 min. every year. The eyeBLINK William J. Carabano Award will be used to benefit members of groups underrepresented in the area of Latino Studies or Topics in Hispanic Culture. Students receiving the aid will be from New York City and be selected based on financial need. They will receive the scholarship for the entirety of their four-year education at New York University. Special thanks to our donor William J. Carabano! 2007-2008 recipients are Xinia G. Bermudez - a senior from Staten Island double majoring in Latin American Studies and Politics and Katia A. Diaz - a junior from the Bronx majoring in Latin American Studies.


Pizza For The Homeless

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Pizza for the Homeless is a charity event hosted by eyeBLINK. Started in 2006-2007 season, Pizza for the Homeless aims to bring happiness to people who depend on homeless shelters for sustenance. The guests at homeless shelters are given a pizza party and eyeBLINK also provides musical entertainment to create a truly joyful ambience!

In June 18-22, 2007, eyeBLINK partnered with Pizza Hut that provided one XL pizza free for each one bought. The result was 5 Days, 5 Shelters, 5,000 pizza slices feeding 2000 people in NYC! Our friends and supporters of eyeBLINK donated money as well to create an environment that was full of happiness and joy! Volunteer musicians enhanced the ambience for the guests eating their pizza and volunteer photographers captured these moments forever.

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Why donate? We all have many luxuries in life. For lots of people who eat at homeless shelters, a pizza party is an extremely special occasion. It brightens up days, brings smiles and tears of happiness. We at eyeBLINK are committed to giving back to our community. Join us today!

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